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Posted By: on 4/4/2014


6.9% ABV

Belgian Trappist Pale Ale  

The Abbey Notre Dame d’Orval was established in the year 1070 AD in the southern belgian countryside near the boarder of France and Belgium. The Abbey is known for making one style of beer at two alcohol contents, the one you see here and another at a lower ABV almost exclusively for the monks of the abbey. This trappist ale is known for it’s unique brewing process. The base beer, a belgian pale ale is dry hopped at the end of fermentation. It is then bottle conditioned with brettanomyces bruxellensis which gives it it’s signature fine carbonation and it’s dry finish. The beer pours an amber/orange color with a brilliant white head that sits on top of the beer like a pillow. Aromas of earth, grassy hops, candi sugar, and light caramel give way to a beer that starts slightly sweet and ends dry and hoppy. A fine bottle conditioned carbonation helps the beer play lively and light on the palate, with the brettanomyces giving it a peppery funk on the back end of the palate. This is a versatile food beer that could pair well with almost any style of cheese, although a soft abbey cheese would be the best for me.

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