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Posted By: on 4/4/2014

St. Feuillien Saison  

6.5% ABV  

Belgian Saison    

St. Feuillien Brewery was originally started to help support a Trappist community that was destroyed in the French Revolution. In 1873, the Friart family re-opened the brewery as an Abbey brewery and still donate a portion of the brewery’s sales to a variety of charitable organizations. In the United States the brewery is most well known for their Saison, a style that is synonymous with belgian field workers of the 18th and 19th centuries. This farmhouse ale pours a deep golden blond with a pristine white head. Aromas of hay, floral hops, and bread compliment a light to medium body. The flavor highlights why belgians refer to the style as a beer of the terroir with notes of grass, hay, earth, barnyard, and a slight twangy finish. This is also highlighted by a very active and bright carbonation achieved by conditioning the beer naturally. This beer is effervescent and very easy to drink. The best part is that it’s now available in a can!

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