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Posted By: on 4/4/2014

Founder’s All Day IPA  

4.7% ABV

American Session IPA  

Founder’s Brewing Company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan along the banks of the Grand River and close to the east shore of Lake Michigan. The brewery is know for crafting some of the highest rate ales on Beer Advocate, as well as, a culture of musically talented employees (they’ve even formed a band called the FBC All-Stars). All Day IPA is a beer crafted for hop heads looking for increased drinkability without sacrificing those big hop aromas that they love so much from their bigger IPA counterparts. The beer pours a medium caramel color with an orange hue in light. Aromas of grass, pine, citrus and hay open up to a beer that has obviously been made for hot days and care free drinking. The light body and effervescent carbonation lends this to being the hop heads lawn mower beer. What impresses me most about this beer is the level of difficulty to pull off something with such a low alcohol content. There’s really nowhere to hide flaws in a session beer, and I find this example to be pretty flawless.

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